Cattywomp has impressed audiences around the Northwest and become a favorite in their hometown of Spokane, WA. Developed from a songwriting collaboration, the band came to its current iteration in summer of 2015. The sextet presents a vintage rock attitude with a more modern, often funky, edge. Reliant on the diverse backgrounds of each member, elements of funk, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, post-rock, and jazz ensures their music has something for everyone. Coming from their common musical interest in 90’s rock, heavy, driving riffs and powerful bass-lines are fused with more expansive jams. The result is a sound in the vein of bands such as Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, RHCP, and 311.

With powerful vocals and an explosive presence, James Volz commands attention. His expressive performance and “tell it how it is” lyricism hooks the audience into the show. While his energetic swagger steals their focus, he is not afraid to share the spotlight as the other musicians try to upstage him. AJ Stromberger’s technical yet soulful skill on guitar evokes blues rock in its purest form. Imaginatively toying with expectations, he drives the sound and when he takes control with a David Gilmour-esque solo, everyone else is brought along for the ride. From his foundations in jazz, Kyle Freeman’s saxophone lines dance around the foundation, flirt with vocal melodies, and infuse the guitar forward sound with a more refined edge. His skillful use of repetition and creative accents help to ingrain melody lines into the listeners head. Skyler Lookabill graces their sound with added dimensions, skillfully layering vocals, keyboard, tambourine, and whatever else the song may require. Although his additions may not be the most apparent, upon a second listen, the subtly of his technique shines through. Having a pedalboard more robust than either of the guitarists’, bassist Andy Bruno is unafraid to take chances. With the click of a switch, a bright and poppy bassline transitions into a fearsome, distorted sound that’s felt before it’s heard. The loops, lines, and chirps he adds transmits ambient motifs into a less traditional setting. Andy Burdick uses his classical training and metal background in an often surprising and unconventional manner. Extremely precise, his finesse on the drumset allows him to perfectly accent the other members lines as he steers the band’s live shows- shows that often evolve into high-energy dance parties. A band that lives for live music, its members will often be as impressed with standout sections and solos as the audience. The band loves being on stage, and their energy is infectious as shows end with smiles seen throughout the room. Cattywomp's debut album, "Stay Away" was independently release September 2016, and is available on iTunes and other streaming sites. The band looks to release a second independent EP in April of 2018, which features their single “Dead Wrong”.





Band members

James Volz - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
AJ Stromberger - Lead Guitar
Andy Burdick - Drums
Skyler Lookabill - Keys/ Background Vocals
Kyle Freeman -  Saxophone
Andy Bruno - Bass

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James Volz

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ANDY Bruno

Originally hailing from the Windy City of Chicago, bass player Andy Bruno has spent the last few years of his 10+ years in the music business, in Seattle, helping to cultivate and contribute to an already illustrious indie music scene, most noteably as early part of Duke Evers, Sammy Witness and the Reassignment, and A Weekend at the Feelies. Before that, he spent time in Spokane, actively playing in the city's metal and indie rock scenes, while getting a degree in Audio Technology at SFCC. Now, as a contributing member of Cattywomp, he brings an interesting blend of funky, bluesy rock groove, combined with a massive and spacious ambient element that's felt as much as it's heard. 


"It's actually been really great finding and playing with these guys! Stylistically, the band makes me draw a lot of inspiration from bands and genres that first inspired me to start playing back in the day. You know, 311, RHCP, Incubus, etc. So it's really been an interesting return to my roots, so to speak. Plus we all just kind of click musically. We're all on that same sort of page where it's all just falls into place, and I'm encouraged to utilize my pedalboard to add more than just traditional bass, so that's been really gratifying for me as well. I've been working on building this board over the past 3 years, so it's really great to be able to use it in context of something that isn't classically ambient in style whatsoever."